Know Your Neoliberal Hellscape (always under construction)

What this is: an occasionally updated list of reports and timely non-fiction on an (evolving) set of issues that call me to consciousness, that I want to make real and present for myself. They reflect an intentional regional bias (upstate NY) and I’m sure my own unconscious biases as cis white dude. Also, I’ve been trying to show my receipts more often for things I say. So: some receipts. Along with the occasional piece on strategies and principles for action. Please send things along.

What this isn’t: deep analysis, anything but the most visible tips of gross icebergs.

Too Big Not To Maim


10.22.18 // Amazon Is The Invisible Backbone Behind ICE’s Immigration Crackdown // MIT Technology Review 


The Only Union I’d Want Busted Defund, Abolish

Deadly Force/Murder as Policy

11.29.18 // “I Don’t Want to Shoot You, Brother”: A shocking story of police and lethal force. Just not the one you’d expect // ProPublica

Cops Arrest Witness to Eric Garner’s Murder, Feed Him Rat Poison

3.13.19 // “Fearing for His Life.” // The Verge


The Only Union I’d Want Busted Defund, Abolish (Buffalo)

Police Budgets by City // Action Center for Race and the Economy.

6.14.20 // “‘One of the Gentlest People I Know’: 75-year-old shoved by police a peace activist, not a provocateur” // The Guardian

6.5. 20 // “‘My Back Was to The Police’: Buffalo-Area Man [Myles Carter] Describes His Arrest During TV Interview” // WGRZ

6.4.20 // “Family of Woman Accused of Hitting BPD Officer, 2 Troopers With Vehicle Speaks Out” // Spectrum

2.8.19 // “Lawsuit Claims Deputies ‘literally watched’ [India Cummings] New York Inmate Die” // CBS News

9.12.18 // “Man [Pito Rivera] Shot Dead After Police Respond to Call on Buffalo’s West Side” // Spectrum

5.31.17 // “Family of [Jose Hernandez Rossy] Man Killed By Buffalo Police: ‘There Needs to Be Consequences'” // WKBW

2.22.17 // “On the Death of of Meech Davis” // The Public

The Mayor’s Shrug Reforms

6.10.20 // “Analysis: Brown’s Police Reforms Are Modest.” // Investigative Post


Feed Corporations, Not People

Install the Suicide Nets

11.29.18 // “Wisconsin’s $4.1 Billion Foxconn Boondoggle // The Verge 

The Titan Demands Sacrifice

11.15.18 // “Amazon HQ2 Will Cost Taxpayers at Least $4.6 Billion, More Than Twice What the Company Claimed, New Study Shows” // The Intercept

Just Pay the People

2012 – Present // The Investigative Post on The Buffalo Billion


Mandatory Apartheid Worship

12.17.18 // A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States–She Lost Her Job // The Intercept


Fascism Isn’t An Insult, It’s a Fact

11.11.19 // Bolivia Coup Led By Christian Fascist Paramilitary Leader and Millionaire — With Foreign Support // The Gray Zone


Superexploitation, Slavery, & Serfdom

Serfdom, Racism, & the State in Northeast Dairies

12.18 // ICE’S Vendetta Against Migrant Organizers // Jacobin

2017 // Milked: Immigrant Dairy Farmworkers in New York State // The Workers’ Center of Central New York and the Worker Justice Center of New York

Prison Abolition is the Only Answer

8.4.15 // Immigrants Rights, Detentions, and Activism (in the South East) // Anton Flores on the Working History Podcast.


Genocide then Prison Camps

1.17.17 // “State of Erasure: Arizona’s Place, and the Place of Arizona, in the Mass Incarceration of Japanese Americans” // Brandon Shimoda.

6.21.18 // “Trump’s Tent City for Children is a Concentration Camp” // San Fransisco Chronicle.

10.3.18 // “Texas Detention Camps Swells Fivefold with Migrant Children” // The Guardian.

3.29.19 // “The U.S. Government is Caging Hundreds of Migrants Under a Bridge” // The Cut

3.21.19 // “The Case for Opening Our Borders” // Brianna Renix, In These Times

Eat Your Provost? Corporate Capture of Higher Ed.

7.15 // “The Labor Question and Higher Education” // Working History // Corporate history and the politics shaping higher ed.


Organize Yr Shit

11.16.18 // Are You Organizing Democratically? // Labor Notes

1.15.20 // How To Organize Your Workplace Without Getting Caught // Motherboard

Rebellion, We Need It

11.15.19 // Back To The Future: The Yellow Vests Movement and the Riddle of Organization // Viewpoint Magazine


For the Son of Noah Reported his Father’s Drunkenness &…: Info Punished, Torture Fine

7.24.18 // She Warned America That Russia Hacked Our Voting Rolls. Why Is She in Jail? // The Inquirer (Philadelphia).