Just Buffalo Literary Center – “The Wound” (2020). Ed. Flatsitter.

Bad YouTube Idea – Readings of published poems


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Lost Poems [Internet Archive]:


Moldy Donuts (Buffalo Ochre Papers 2018). A chapette, in Edric Mesmer’s words. Edition of 50. All gone.

NO (Hostile Books 2015). Edition of 20. All gone, and I lost my copy.

May I Softly Walk: The Santa Fe Journals by Joe Hall & Cheryl Quimba (Poetry Crush 2014)

Post Nativity (Chapbook Genius 2012). I’d rewrite large swathes of this now.

The Esme Poems  by Joe Hall & Cheryl Quimba (Peninsulas Now 2011). A limited edition chap and part of a proposed Infinite Library in which recipients of the chapbook were instructed to sign their name to the library card when they finished and pass the book on. Most people kept their copies.


“Wendell Berry Peace Disintegrator Pistol” / Annulet Issue 2 (2022)

“Hysterically Real’s De-automata, or Picture Books” / Fence Digital (2021)

“And the Next Thing You Know” (on Amira Hanafi)Fence Digital (2021)

“The Mule is Burning: Dwarf Fortress’ Poetics of Endless Context”Fence Digital (2021)

“Review: Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology” / Terrain.org

“Let the Self-Destruction Continue” / Destroyership II. Fanzine.

“‘Everynone’  by Adrian Parsons” / Destroyership I. The Destroyer. 


“Sea-Floor Property and Imperial Futures in Thomas Heyrick’s ‘The Submarine Voyage'” / Eighteenth Century Fiction, 31.4 (2019).

“Shared Sorrow, Shared Abundance: Water-Waste Flows in Palestinian Literature” / Postcolonial Studies, 18.3 (2015).


Hostile Books / Co-Founder & Collective Member 2015-Present.

Everyday Genius / Guest Editor, January 2014