Just Buffalo Literary Center – “The Wound” (2020). Ed. Flatsitter.


Paper and Ink Journals Hosting My Work: saltfront: studies in human habit(at), The Doris, Homestead ReviewPretty Cool Poetry ThingPeach Magazine YearbookNo Infinite: A Journal of Poetry, Art, and Protest #3Make, The New Megaphone, Gulf Coast, Versal, The Atlas Review, Bat City Review, Puerto Del Sol, Sakura Review, Catch Up Magazine, Caketrain, Lo-Ball, 1913, Phoebe, BarrelhouseNoö, Handsome, Gargoyle, Ping Pong, Rooms Outlast Us.


Moldy Donuts (Buffalo Ochre Papers 2018). A chapette, in Edric Mesmer’s words. Edition of 50. All gone.

NO (Hostile Books 2015). Edition of 20. All gone, and I lost my copy.

May I Softly Walk: The Santa Fe Journals by Joe Hall & Cheryl Quimba (Poetry Crush 2014)

Post Nativity (Chapbook Genius 2012). I’d rewrite large swathes of this now.


“Hysterically Real’s De-automata, or Picture Books” / Fence Digital

“And the Next Thing You Know” (on Amira Hanafi)Fence Digital 

“The Mule is Burning: Dwarf Fortress’ Poetics of Endless Context”Fence Digital

“Review: Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology” / Terrain.org

“Let the Self-Destruction Continue” / Destroyership II. Fanzine.

“Everynone”  by Adrian Parsons/Destroyership I. The Destroyer. 


“Sea-Floor Property and Imperial Futures in Thomas Heyrick’s ‘The Submarine Voyage'” / Eighteenth Century Fiction, 31.4 (2019).

“Shared Sorrow, Shared Abundance: Water-Waste Flows in Palestinian Literature” / Postcolonial Studies, 18.3 (2015).


Hostile Books / Fitful Collective Member 2015-Present.

Everyday Genius / Guest Editor, January 2014