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Sonnet on Fourteen One Dollar Bills in a Container with Several Copies of this Sonnet, Each Line Available to Purchase for One Dollar and Fourteen Cents

These sonnets are a naked play for legitimacy, like as if Lord Harrington had written sonnets to the queen instead of a mock-epic pamphlet on toilets. You can read them line by line, dollar by dollar, or throw the bottle against a wall and spend the feathers, or place the bottle on your shelf and admire the striations of money, which will spend, and the mark of a hand, which will live on past its mark and then not. Or you can imagine in the curled bills the phonemes at play against the discipline of the sonnet’s metrical grid. A poem that is bitter, or poem you imagine that is better than a poem could be. Money!

They’re ‘published’ (?) by Hostile Books and owe part of their inspiration from Danika Stegeman LeMay for summoning my words into Sporklet 15. I’ve also drawn abiding drive from my original Hostile Book collaborations w/Ryan Kaveh Sheldon and Angela Veronica Wong–and from the lovingly curated and impossible to shelve precarious and sometimes rotten objects in the Small Press Poetry collection at SUNY Buffalo, especially Ferrum Wheel.

“Sonnet on Fourteen…” are in a series of 14. Contact j o e s c i r e h a l l @ g m a i l . com if you’re interested in purchasing one of the remaining copies ($28.28 includes shipping and the ability to feed the sonnet into a vending machine).

“To make love, turn to page 121. / To die, turn to page 172,” Bernadette Mayer, “[You jerk you didn’t call me up]”.

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New Poems in Here / Da Fugue Zone

I’ve got two poems from my forthcoming book–Fugue & Strike–in the new, inaugural issue of Here. Also in Here: Ann Lauterback, Joanna Mosuela, Karen Garth, a folio by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Joshua Harmon, Allison Titus, Edgar Garcia, Nancy Kuhl, and Nathaniel Mackey. Thanks to Jason Labbe for the care in gathering and editing the work. Much astonishing poetry, letter-pressed cover, fizzy tactility, the right length before the edge gets dull: put down that box of ammo and get this for $10 instead so Jason makes more.

Grateful, also, to have some poems in print and to get some happy feedback on them. I’ve always counted on being able to perform my work, to interpret it, bend the bough and vibrate the air — to connect it w/people that way. It’s been a difficult few years. The pandemic, yes, and also many necessary but challenging changes in life that have kept me from performing in-person then online. In the meanwhile, I haven’t been able to quit Da Fugue Zone. They’re mumbling in the hundreds

The other thing I’d say about this issue that was delightful: returning to the work of many poets I admire, seeing it grow or simply continuing doing that satisfying thing it does and getting peaks at wildly ambitious projects. Ok.

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