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Got a new poem in a new zine–Dan McKeon & Emma Guilfoyle’s Pretty Cool Poetry Thing. It will cost you 26 dollars less than a print issue of McSweeney’s ($2). It is priced for the ppl. The poem is about love. What does it say about love? FIND OUT.


Dan was a former student of mine. It’s heartening to see him curate rad art outside of academia.


Paraphrase of a remark from an event on small press publishing and the civil rights movement: people are returning to zines because they no longer feel like digital spaces are safe. I love zines. I do not love that this is part of why they are necessary right now.

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Poem Reprinted as Supply Chain Cools

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 6.12.47 PM

The belts that shot boxes full of commodities into our gravitational fields have cooled down and hopefully the workers by those belts are getting a break and you are throwing away some boxes. On December 23rd, Poetry Daily reprinted my poem “Amnesia, 2007 / Nightshift, Mandatory Overtime II.” This one is from Someone’s Utopia. It’s speckled with my time at the end of a ramp that puked boxes in a Toys R’ Us shipping plant. Workers can paralyze the supply chain! Also, just started Brandon Shimoda’s The Dessert on Allison’s recommendation. Wonderful so far. And still moved by and processing his essay on curses and U.S. internment camps in The AALR Book of Curses.

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Interview on the Black Ocean Blog

Dana Guth did an interview w/me about the idea in and process behind my new book Someone’s Utopia, which also got its first review in Fanzine by Joseph Houlihan.

But, also, let’s face it, there are more important things to read right now in order to digest what the 2018 elections meant and didn’t mean and whether they were just a speed bump for creeping fascism or whether one can hope against hope this is turning point and then entertain the thought that it might be a turn towards realizing a visionary leftist politics and what to do either way (something). So here’s some more important things to read than my interview:

“Trump Was Repudiated” by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor.

“Hidden in Plain Sight: A Note on Legitimation Crises and the Racial Order” by Michael C. Dawson.

& look at what these amazing people did.

And a friend sent me this waiting at a bus station in Richmond.

And just read whatever helps yr values flower into rad leftist action or replenishes you for action.

Ok now here’s the interview.

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update: production in the middle of production soaked by production

This blog post’s title is a paraphrase of Xie Xiangnan poem in Iron Moon. I was going to do a Coward on this book and a number of other scare quotes working class scare quotes collections but started working 6 days a week.

Rob McLellan invited me to write (& I overwrote it) about my (small press) writing day. It’s an international mix of writers, often crossing and recrossing the Canadian-American border: Buck Downs (still getting postcards), Eileen Tabios, Mugabi Byenkya (first line: “Every day I wake up wishing I was dead” – read this). In other Rob McLennan news, recently read and am reading news chaps by good rad humans/Buffalo survivors Allison Cardon and Travis Sharpe.