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OK If I Never Perform Again. But Would Prefer To Perform Again

I couldn’t ask for a better remediation of my reading of “Fugue 184 | Ekpyrosis” at Silo City (below). Flatsitter orchestrated the video. Using music by Lizzi Bougatsos (I think). Noah Falck planned the event and, along with so many other people, did the work of making it happen. Also, Robin Jordan’s enthusiastic collage response helped give me the guts to end my set with this poem that sprawls.

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green_space w/Jay Besemer

Had the intensely good opportunity to interview Jay Besemer for green_space. Jay Besemer’s outlook on being with the world, changing through language, and negotiating the event while foregrounding the needs of the body feel absolutely essential. green_space is delighted to present our interview with Jay.… Read More

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Wendell Berry Peace Disintegrator Pistol

Here is a quote my friend Marty liked “somehow poetry, even in this moment of climate catastrophe, continues to mistake transcendent visions of empty rural space as something other than a conservative rehashing of one version of a settler-colonial organization of nature and society.”