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talk notes: on reading

I gave a talk at a university on reading before I did a reading (no pressure–a privilege to do (thank you, Lucy Biederman (author of Walmart Book of the Dead)  for the invitation)). I  spent most of my time on why reading out loud is important. Yr thoughts?… Read More

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text metabolism

// been hoping to record more The Cowards but need to work some things further. in the meanwhile, Wendy Trevino’s Cruel Fiction blew me away. The poem “From Santa Rita 128-131,” the transcription of being w/ppl in struggle. “Brazilian Is Not a Race” too–thinking through variegations, agons… Read More

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Crude Intimacies

Crude Intimacies, Gelare Khoshgozaran’s risograph of objects made from oil byproducts was commissioned by Hostile Books. Crude Intimacies is a companion to Khoshgozaran’s video installation, Crude. I’m part of Hostile Books but all the HB work on this one was done by Ryan Kaveh Sheldon. And… Read More