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The Coward 2

Rosa Alcalá’s MyOTHER TONGUE, Jill Magi’s Labor, Pizza Pi Press’ Recipes for Revolution, more. I’ve been meaning to write about my state of mind when it comes to these reading journals. I lost my tongue. I don’t know when. Perhaps it was three years ago. I didn’t know how… Read More

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(Jake’s Book & Claire Donato’s Work) This leg of my readings for Someone’s Utopia  is LOBSTER UTOPIA. I’ll be cavorting w/Jake Reber through the Northeast, hoping to hear Jake read as extensively as possible from the gospel of Lobster Genesis.  TOUR LEG: LOBSTER UTOPIA  Washington, DC May 20 |… Read More

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Protest, Poems

I haven’t been reading much since the election. Other kinds of action have filled that space. The exceptions have been The Yerbamala Collective’s scalding pamphlets (which I want to slip into the back and front of every textbook). And, yesterday, a handful of poems from… Read More

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Article Published

After several years of learning how to do scholarship, I’ve finally published an article, and this article recently became available online. It’s title: “Shared Sorrow, Shared Abundance: Water-Waste Flows In Palestinian Literature.” It extends work I did in Jim Holstun’s seminar on the literature of Israel and Palestine and… Read More

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 Mike Maggio’s Garden of Rain. Dreamboat #13 . No Infinite Vol. 3 Garden of Rain by Mike Maggio Mike has always been a political poet (past collections: Oranges From Palestine, deMOCKcracy). This is a change: a more reflective, directly lyrical collection. Finding their quiet intensity even more so given the… Read More