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(Jake’s Book & Claire Donato’s Work) This leg of my readings for Someone’s Utopia  is LOBSTER UTOPIA. I’ll be cavorting w/Jake Reber through the Northeast, hoping to hear Jake read as extensively as possible from the gospel of Lobster Genesis.  TOUR LEG: LOBSTER UTOPIA  Washington, DC May 20 |… Read More

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Protest, Poems

I haven’t been reading much since the election. Other kinds of action have filled that space. The exceptions have been The Yerbamala Collective’s scalding pamphlets (which I want to slip into the back and front of every textbook). And, yesterday, a handful of poems from… Read More

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Article Published

After several years of learning how to do scholarship, I’ve finally published an article, and this article recently became available online. It’s title: “Shared Sorrow, Shared Abundance: Water-Waste Flows In Palestinian Literature.” It extends work I did in Jim Holstun’s seminar on the literature of Israel and Palestine and… Read More

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 Mike Maggio’s Garden of Rain. Dreamboat #13 . No Infinite Vol. 3 Garden of Rain by Mike Maggio Mike has always been a political poet (past collections: Oranges From Palestine, deMOCKcracy). This is a change: a more reflective, directly lyrical collection. Finding their quiet intensity even more so given the… Read More