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AWP Didn’t Suck Because You Were There


From D.A. Powell: “AWP should be a burning-man like fuckfest”; hearing Janaka and Chris Tonelli at Minimum Falcon; Eating here with Susan (thanks Susan!); Sampson telling me he expected me to look like an ax murderer (give it time); Robb St. Lawrence’s 3 AM infomercial critique; Wade & J. Michael butting heads RE: flarf; thumbnail of another critique of The American Hybrid anthology;  Ryan conceiving the idea of HTML Giant offering MFAs through the University of Phoenix: “HTML Giant at the University of Phoenix”; Christian Bok doing some Eunoia; Kate Greenstreet & Susan at the Ahsahta Press reading; all the folks at the Possess Nothing reading–tho I pretty much missed every reader after myself due to being shuttled to the back of the big big crowd when I was done oh well; coming home to this–thanks Blake.

PHOTO Highlights
Reading Tuesday at J. Micheal’s house in Boulder w/Julie Doxsee. We read behind this sewing machine.

Sewing Machine

Great to hear Julie & the UC Boulder crowd was more than gracious.

On Wed Wade and I split a hotel on the other side of town. Maybe the bad side.  I was emphatically reminded that this was not the east coast:

Thursday I  saw my book as a thing on sale. It looks handsome.

Plus, Kim Gek Lin Short gave me a toy pony when I bought her book. It’s good luck because I say so.

"You gotta get mean. I mean plumb mad-dog mean"


Run – Kim Gek Lin Short

Sleeper’s Republic – David Gruber

Versal 7 – Wade Fletcher is in here. Jennifer Chapis too.

Gallowglass – Susan Tichy

It was the season, then. – Sarah Suzor

The Heart Is Green From So Much Waiting – Sampson Starkweather

from Unincorporated Territory – Craig Santos Perez

Heredities – J. Michael Martinez

Eunoia – Christian Bok

Pilot – Johannes Goransson (leaving out a lot of umlauts here)

Case Sensitive – Kate Greenstreet

Nylund the Sarcographer – Joyelle McSweeney

Threads – Jill Magi

Traffic & Weather – Marcella Durand

Recherche Theories – Caroline Crumpacker

Killing Kanoko – Hiromi Ito / Jeffrey Angles

The Hounds of No – Lara Glenum

Whitework – Ashley McWaters

Lo. Ball No 1 – ed D.A. Powell y T.J. DiFrancesco

Also Known As – Elizabeth Robinson

Objects for a Fog Death – Julie Doxsee

Undersleep – Julie Doxsee

The American Poetry Wax Museum – Jed Rasula. Okay. I didn’t buy this. Robb let me borrow it. But then I spilled a whole lot of water on it. It pretty much saved all my other books from getting wet, which makes it a hero. So, Rob, I’ll just send you a new copy. Sorry.

Shit. I spent a lot of money. Oh well. This will be my summer. Looking forward to it.

Also, I didn’t get every book I wanted due to general deliriousness, spending all my money, and/or not finding the table on time. For instance, I want Chris Tonelli’s book. But it didn’t happen.


To catch up with everyone. Thanks to all those who stopped by the table to talk or get the book. Compare this post to last year’s. Wait, you can’t. I took it down because it was horrible. Now back to the trailer park where ants continue to infest my mailbox.

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