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Zone 3: Behind Robot Lines–Story & Interview

Hey, what?

Every 2 years an organ in me thought to be vestigial secretes a story-like substance. This one is called “A Bubble Coming Up Through Rust.” It used to be called “Numbers.” That was a dumb title. Thanks to Zone 3 and Amy Wright for embalming it. I better get to work on secreting more.

Also,  the following lyrics about robots that are more human than human written by Mr. Tom K Weaver are included in a bonus interview after the story titled “More Human Than Humans”:

They’re really earnest speakers

They’re jokers with their friends

Most are good to their families

Most look out for their kin

They raise robot families

They keep robot dogs

They write robot poetry

They live in robot nature

They cut robot logs

Hooray for this.

& read Zone 3. It also has Shane McRae, Okla Elliot, & Coleman Barks.

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Joe Hall is a writer, educator, and deprofessionalized academic. Black Ocean Press published his most recent book, Someone's Utopia, in 2018. His second book, The Container Store Vols. I & II (SpringGun Press 2012) was written with Chad Hardy. He has published journal articles working the intersections of poetics, empire, and the commons.


  1. I just had surgery on my story secreting organ….hope the doctors didn’t botch it….

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