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Honest reviews are hard to write. Writing this one was like crawling through a series of increasingly smaller eyes in increasingly smaller needles. But I got to the end. The short version: Check out Spork’s Chapbook series because it takes the idea of a series seriously. The long version : the long version.

Maybe next time I’ll just record a video of my facial expressions as I read the book.  Or maybe it’s review break time?

Thanks to Ryan C for making the pictures look presentable.

It is long so I don’t know if any one will actually “read” it. But I hope so.

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Joe Hall is a writer and educator. Black Ocean Press published his first book and third books, Pigafetta is my Wife (2010) and The Devotional Poems (2013). His second book, The Container Store Vols. I & II (SpringGun Press 2012) was written with Chad Hardy.


  1. Tom

    No no not break time. Post that video to youtube. It could be a whole series. “Poetry reaction videos” Boy would I watch that.

  2. Ha! I would really like it if the internet did have a home address. And I guess this is all pointing to the fact that I should get an iWhatever that does all this shit in one.

  3. Tom

    “Dear the internet:

    here is some videos of me making faces while i read books. please put these on the computer(s) for people to watch.

    – Joe ‘Poetry Reviewer’ Hall”

    i have a computer but cannot use it due to mental/physical/spiritual concerns involving masturbation.

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