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Days 7-9: Love Fest / New York / New York / Boston / Carrie Olivia Adams Interview

Day 7: New York / Earshot

I drove across New York.

Photo0342And parked at Mike & Loren’s. I did a reading that PBJ, Gregory, & Jillian graciously set up. Incredibly, I ran into Noah F on the street before the reading. Jen found us.

Photo0344I followed Mike & Jen to a hotdog in my face.

Day 8: New York / Pete’s Candy Store

Somehow I made it to an interview I did with Tim over labneh and eggs. The interview unwound over three hours and ended in a neck massage in the park. We talked about excess, seduction, and transgression in Tim’s poetry. Tim asked me about all the genitals in my poems. The hotdog returned in imperative form.

Photo0345 I got to dinner with Laura late. Dinner was too short but there is always next time I guess. Either way, she told me about the KSW Writing Collective and hopefully that is a start into something for me.

Poems got read at Pete’s Candy Store with COA and Jessica F, who I went to elementary school with. She read a great poem about whalefalls. I have written some bad poems about whalefalls. We might try to write a poem together about whalefalls.

I also met Joost after the reading. He would let the fine people of the Netherlands know about what was going on on the blog Oote Oote.

Day 9: Boston / COA Interview

It is really important you know how good Forty-One Jane Does is.

imagesCarrie Olivia Adams wrote it. She is my editor at Black Ocean. I couldn’t have a better editor. We drove to Boston together and did this little interview about her book. Please listen to it now.

Photo0347By the end of the drive Carrie morphed into Carl. It was, nevertheless, a tremendous reading full of urgent, funny, sexy, vulnerable, worrisome, writing. Thank you everyone.

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