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SMALL NOTES #1: Labor Day/Collected Feelings*

Book: The Dual-Collaborative Forklift Ohio Chapbook Labor Day/Collected Feelings by Carrie Lorig, Nick Sturm, Tyler Gobble, Layne Ransom.

Labor DayCollected Feelings

“A mouth / That’s my career. A membrane sealed

in a cave / unless I bury it in an interested client.” — Carrie Lorig? Nick Sturm? Avocados?

“Like a weird, proud mountain, you deny you’re alone. / & /  The Science are a neat group! Seven hours, two informative CDs, a computer for president. God, he said, is just this thing.” –Tyler Gobble? Layne Ransom? Beer?

*At a certain point education makes you dumb and eats your time to none but a small hum of conversation can happen. These are first notes, beginner’s notes.

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Joe Hall is a writer and educator. Black Ocean Press published his first book and third books, Pigafetta is my Wife (2010) and The Devotional Poems (2013). His second book, The Container Store Vols. I & II (SpringGun Press 2012) was written with Chad Hardy.

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