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OK If I Never Perform Again. But Would Prefer To Perform Again

I couldn’t ask for a better remediation of my reading of “Fugue 184 | Ekpyrosis” at Silo City (below). Flatsitter orchestrated the video. Using music by Lizzi Bougatsos (I think). Noah Falck planned the event and, along with so many other people, did the work of making it happen. Also, Robin Jordan’s enthusiastic collage response helped give me the guts to end my set with this poem that sprawls.

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Sonnet on Fourteen One Dollar Bills in a Container with Several Copies of this Sonnet, Each Line Available to Purchase for One Dollar and Fourteen Cents

You can read them line by line, dollar by dollar, or throw the bottle against a wall and spend the feathers, or place the bottle on your shelf and admire the striations of money, which will spend, and the mark of a hand, which will live on past its mark and then not. Or you can imagine in the curled bills the phonemes at play against the discipline of the sonnet’s metrical grid. A poem that is bitter, or poem you imagine that is better than a poem could be. Money!