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Before I Knew It

my book was conscious, alert, responding to questions, doing nicely.  Black Ocean made it available for pre-sale today.  Click on the link and purchase it.  There. Hopefully that direct command will work.

More Than Digital

Whew. It’s been a long road here. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Now that I’m finished with final edits and etc. I’m going to read some new books over spring break. What I’m looking forward to:

Susan Tichy’s Gallowglass.  War is always on my brain. Susan sorts it out better than anyone I know.

Commuter by James Belflower.

Chris Salerno’s Minimum Heroic. He sent me a beautiful print with the book. Thanks!

Rob Halpern’s Disaster Suites. (If you’re in Book Club and you’re reading this, sorry. I know. I’m behind).

& J. Michael’s Heridities.

Plus whatever else is on the stack.


  1. Tom

    Joe I bought some copies of your book, Joe.

    I’m going to give them to homeless people when they ask for change.

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