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Gulf Coasted + Rooms Outlast Us

I kept having dreams that involved geese. I was being attacked or they were attacking me. There were geese skirmishes. There was one where they were all frozen and I was supposed to hit them with a sledgehammer. I was doing them some kind of favor. This was probably because there were thousands of geese in the lagoon at a perpendicular from my house. But anyway,

there are some of my poems with firearms and mutant football players in Gulf Coast

there are some of my poems with bodies refusing to decay and also firearms in Rooms Out Last Us which is, I’m not screwing around, made of steer hide, deer sinew and paper. so if times get tough you can eat it

there is also in these things J. Michael Martinez, Elizabeth Winder, Reese Kwon, Joyelle McSweeney and some other hotdogs

why don’t you read them ok?

This all makes this image together


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