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Last week I listed the books I wanted but didn’t get due to brokeness.

Here are two more

Kings of the F**king Sea by Dan Bohl. Tony Mancus has a great sea / sailor based sequence. Sailors and seas are on the brain. As a sort of existential metaphor.  Must investigate.

Entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate by Johannes Goransson .  Oh, you know what? It doesn’t come out until May 1st. But I never found the Tarpaulin Sky Press table, so I felt like I’ve missed out for the last 3 weeks.

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Joe Hall is a writer, educator, and deprofessionalized academic. Black Ocean Press published his most recent book, Someone's Utopia, in 2018. His second book, The Container Store Vols. I & II (SpringGun Press 2012) was written with Chad Hardy. He has published journal articles working the intersections of poetics, empire, and the commons.


  1. Joe,

    It just so happens that TSky is running a special deal on books for people who go to Costa Rica for root canals. Also, we got a free copy of the awesome Pigafetta from Janaka, so, you know. . . .

    Email your snail mail, and I’ll put you on the review-copy list for Entrance.



  2. The TSKY table was sorta near the Immaculate Disciples Press/Sink Review/Flying Guillotine table aka in never never land. I saw the book but no one was at the table & then I spent my money on another book tsk tsk tsk. Will definitely pick it up ‘tho! Yet another book for us to talk about when we get around to reading the books we want to be talking about.

    • joescirehall

      Aw yeah, you guys were way in the back. This list is getting longer…I’m looking forward to talking.

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