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Oh Belated

Sometimes the cure is bitter. There are a lot of reasons to read Joyelle McSweeney’s story “Welcome A Revolution.”  Mostly because it is out for blood, cutting in multiple directions as it does. Protect your orifices. I did. And I feel like an idiot for… Read More

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It’s Short for Booger

I wondered aloud what Boog meant in a previous post about the Portable Boog Reader. David, the editor, set me straight: The Legend of BOOG by David A. Kirschenbaum People have always asked me why I call my press BOOG Literature. 17 years ago, me,… Read More

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Hello Gnoetry

GNOETRY: A sort of cousin to the now ubiquitously discussed flarf, but also its own thing. It has also been the sometime activity of a few friends here in Lafayette (one pictured left, in business casual).  Some of outcomes published on the somewhat newish Gnoetry… Read More