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Here is a sampling of the fine to very fine reviews of The Container Store Vols I & II by Joe Hall & Chad Hardy on

As a consumer, it is incumbent upon you to articulate how this product did or did not meet your expectations. Please write your own review.

Dirk says: “As someone with serious storage needs (I live in a Dutch metropolis most of the year), I have to say this really is as low on the totem pole as one can get. I showed up around a week ago in search of a container to store some of the excess medical supplies I’ve accrued through various conferences over the past year. The exterior of the store should have been enough of a hint. Half the lights in the sign were out, and someone had graffiti-ed the entry display window.”

Tom raves, “Book gave me magic powers based on almost certainly intentional misinterpretation of wishes. Would not recommend. On plus side, poems pretty good.”

MS notes, “As my wife and I passed it–I don’t, now, remember where we were going, only that we didn’t want to go anywhere–there was a woman standing in front of the Container Store, wearing an ascot and a red blazer affixed with a large pendant of tangled gold, arguing with her husband, a short fist of a man. She spoke English in an accent I’ll guess was Armenian, and he did too, and their conversation went like this:

WIFE: We have to go to the Container Store to purchase some organizational materials.
WIFE: We have to go to the Container Store to purchase some organizational materials.


Mr. Ditchhook says about the author, “I tolerate such money-grubbing among my more destitute friends (as is plain to see) but abhor it in ultra-rich strangers. However, at this stage Joe is taxing my patience by selling out to those Arkansas bullies. So, buy this book– or these books– if only to burn them outside your next Occupy Walmart protest.”

And R. St Lawrence from Minneapolis lets the world know, “So then, naturally, I ask if she’ll set one aside for me for an hour til I get there. She says, “Our system is not set up to do that.” I tell her that I’ve never head of a store that wouldn’t hold something for a customer for an hour, and again she says, “We have such high volume, our system just isn’t set up to do that.” Huh? Pottery Barn and pretty much every other store will do that. I told her that it doesn’t even involve “the system,” since all she has to do is take one and stick it behind the counter, and again she says, like some kind of robot, “Our system is not set up to do that.””

Finally, one of the authors chimes in with this bit of advice:

You acknowledge transfer
any information you provide
any company or information (ii) any person or entity
(iii) if we have a right or duty
disclose or compel to disclose
the transmission, transfer or processing of such
any country in the world as necessary or appropriate
using and providing
monitored, tracked and recorded
Anyone using such monitoring, tracking and recording
not to log from any under
sanctions by Information under sanctions be
Treasury log of may in your and/or terminated.
Copyright Notices
works authorship contained .com Website (the “Website”) limited all design
text, sound and image owned other by or one
Except as other express herein
they may not be copied
for or other stored for subsequent whole in part
without except the extent
by amended, and then, only provided and print
hard personal use, so long as you do not
any or other as may be contained
in information, as downloaded.

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Joe Hall is the author of five books of poetry, including Someone's Utopia (2018) and Fugue & Strike (forthcoming). His poems, reviews, and scholarship have appeared in Poetry Daily, The Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day, Postcolonial Studies, Peach Mag,, PEN America Blog, Poetry Northwest, Ethel Zine, Gulf Coast, Best Buds! Collective, and Eighteenth-Century Fiction. He has taught poetry workshops for teachers, teens, and workers through Just Buffalo and the WNYCOSH Worker Center.

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